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I wanted to try handlettering - because it cuts the whole process short big time! I can create such a picture simply on iPad, without involving any other soft- or hardware. Yes, I do prefer Kyoko drawn by hand. But material is expensive. Using an iPad allows me to draw colour - and I am using the same technique, as if I would draw by hand; virtual brushes, coming close to real markers. I will convert my colourpalette to virtual colours soon.

I have read a Milo Manara-comic (Trip To Tulum), Story by Federico Fellini. In the editorial there was a short-comic about advertising influencing the consumer in the seventies - and I had to realise, that it has become worse ten-fold. If I look at people today, staring at their mobile phones and if I try to meet with old friends, it appears, that they are merely slaves to routines they think are THEIR routines. And they do not realise, it´s routines that are dictated by their job, their families, their "friends", the media or the society. Robots - that´s what most of them are. It makes me sad, especially when it´s people who are dear to me. It´s even worse, if they DO realise and they let it happen anyway.
As Kyoko has already put it: "either we are pirates, or we are not" - I guess I will have to live with the fact, that we are a tiny minority...

This version is the Instagram-version with censored nipples. There is a slightly naughtier version in the members-area.