Kyoko 303 - Moving

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...for Instagram, etc, so they can find me on AdultNode.

As planned, I will post everything here and I will now build up a social network with adults on AdultNode, posting some stuff there aswell :D

Why? Because I am sick of little teenage-jerks who believe they are awesome, simply because they exist; I am sick of leeches, who are only friends when it suits them and who are only there for you, if it is an advantage for themselves; and I am sick of all the on-the-band-wagon-jumpers, who do not give support but boast with knowing me. Also I am sick of social media trolls, flamers, art-nazis, morality-police and stupid admins.

Porn-lovers with accounts are usually open-minded, adult, like to keep to themselves and willing to give, when they are taking. I bought premium on the first day. The community is only two years old and has about 5000 members. But it´s growing fast. I got as many watchers in two days, as I got on Instagram or Facebook or Tumblr in four years.

See you there, perhaps? ^^

Kommentare 8

  • Y-Phil -

    Just in case if you ignore it: there is
    A concept of private, really secure "own servers" (they are not physically in your home)
    Patreon is playing the same hypocritical play, and there are a non-negligible number of artists over there that are slowly migrating to this solution, so that they can avoid that so stupid witch-hunting-mania ;)

    • Tora -

      Thank you very much! That sounds very interesting - but are you sure about the name/link? I tried it with a mobile device and I got redirected to phony "You Have Won An iPhone!"-websites. When trying to connect with a desktop-machine, I get a blank page and a timeout-error - both on http and https. When I enter "discodapp" in a search-engine, I only get "DiscordApp", a communication app for gamers O.o

    • Y-Phil -

      Aha... I'm so sorry... probably troubled by Kyoko :D
      Here is the right link:
      I just forget an "r"

    • Tora -

      Ah, thank you ^^- so it WAS the communicaton app for gamers :D
      I will need some time to check it out. First of all I will move my whole website to another provider to cut costs. My contract is from 2012 with prices from 2012; Kyoko costs me 360€ per year and 2019 other providers offer the same service for 60€ O.o

    • Y-Phil -

      For gamers but not only, believe me ;)
      360€ per year? wow... I understand!

    • Tora -

      Okay, I will try... :D

  • WanderingFeline -

    I'll see you there!

    • Tora -

      yay! ^^