Kyoko-Manga Chapter One WIP Extract

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I wanted to show you this picture; this is what the Manga will look like;

The original version of Kyoko´s Manga is coloured with Copic Markers; I have decided against that, because it´s expensive and I am much quicker colouring digitally by now. I am using ProCreate with a self-designed Guache-Brush and it comes very close to what it would look like coloured with markers ^^

In case you wonder - the Manga will start with the twelve-year old Kyoko. That´s why she hasn´t got the tail-artefact, black hair and normal nails - also body-hair. I don´t want to spoil anything with the bow and stuff, so you won´t get an explanation :D . That´s also, why I didn´t post the picture with a background: No spoilers! :)
But don´t worry: it will all make sense :)

I will keep posting pics like this.

Back to work ^^

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  • Y-Phil -

    Excellent work, in particular the balance between light/shadow. Top-class

    • Tora -

      Yvon! Yay! How´s it going? I´ve been thinking of you ^^

      Are you alright? :)

    • Y-Phil -

      I'm feeling really better, compared to 2016... The keyword for 2018: serenity.
      From time to time, I miss to come to Germany to see you both. Even if I stayed long hours in the room, it helped me so much that I still don't know how to thank you for hospitality <3

      And you both: how are you going?
      Please, give a friendly kiss to your wife from me ;)

    • Tora -

      Yvon, if you want to take a break and come for a visit, DO it! ^^
      I won´t pester you with questions about 3D-modelling this time - well, I might, but for now I will say, that I won´t :D
      You are always welcome here. The other day we told the story, where you acted as the new house owner, strongly confusing that not very welcome guest - we had such a laugh! And you know what? He never came back! :D

    • Tora -

      Oh, I forgot: Monika says "Thank you very much!" and also sends a kiss ^^

      We have started refurbishing the attic; I have a new studio there, that I am already using and the new living room next to it is almost done - only needs bits and pieces and a little paintwork at the wooden beams. We got two new kittens, because we have lost Streifie last autumn due to kidney-failure (the crazy but totally lovable red cat) and we got chickens again, which means fresh eggs. I had taken a break posting Kyoko-stuff, because we wanted to have a foster-child and we thought it might be better not to give away the wrong impression to the authorities. They didn´t give uns the permission in the end, after a year of seminars and meetings and all sorts of questioning. Oh, well - looks like we are not suitable to help children in need... anyway: it´s back to Kyoko for me now. As YouTube has changed their policy and it is extremely hard now to earn money as a "YouTuber", I have also postponed the Kyoko-Animation. I will concentrate on her manga again; draw it new from start to finish and then have it printed in Letavia, which is good quality for now cost. I will then start a crowd-funding project, where I will sell the book and from the onehundredandfiftyfirst book onwards, every copy sold will be profit. If I sell less, I will have x-mas-presents for everyone for the rest of my life :D
      Monika is still working for that Volkswagen-consulter and as long as she does so, there will be enough money for uns to survive. Not living in luxury, but living with a certain comfort. We are content.
      How about you? You will have finished your new flat by now and you will have made new arrangements with your daughter and that female friend of yours, who used to be living with you. Do you wanna write or will you visit and you tell us then? ^^

  • Tora's bitchwife -

    I like the idea behind this scene, also the shine from the glowing bow and arrow on her face ist pretty awsome!

    • Tora -

      cheers ^^

  • Sliverbolt -

    Ok love the black hair. And the subtle cover of goods but still allude to a sensual being. The bow pose is great, like she's about to draw a fire at a target. I know shes young but her eyes scream I have seen shit already don't mess with me.

    • Tora -

      Thank you very much; I am glad, that you like her ^^