Kyoko 168 WanderersE

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35 years ago a went to our local youthclub every Wednesday, because there was "Metal-Disco". All metal-heads met there; it was THE place to be for metal fans. Please, keep in mind, that metal was very young back then; Rolling Stone magazine just released the quote "Black Sabbath is heavy, but only Judas Priest is metal!". Of course, the metal heads weren´t the only youth group. There were the Poppers, who liked pop-music and the Punks, who liked punk-music. Also there were Teds - TeddyBoys and -Girls, who liked Rock´n Roll. The Teds in my hometown were organized in a gang called "The Wanderers", named after the Teds in the U.S. - movie "The Wanderers" from 1979. The girls were wearing petty-coats and pony-tails, while the guys were wearing jeans and bomber-jackets. Only guys were allowed to wear the jackets; unlesss a girl was going out with one of the guys; then she would be allowed to wear the jacket proudly; for a short period of time :)
The Wanderers and the metal heads had their little disputes - the occasional rumble; but nothing sinister; nothing serious. No weapons involved and no serious injuries.
But all the groups stood united against the upcoming Nazi skin-heads, faschists who just evolved from the left-wing Oi-skins.

If I would have posted this Kyoko-cartoon back then, they would have beaten me up for sure :D

Today I am posting this cartoon to say "HELLO!" to Benny, who is one of the founders of The Wanderers in my hometown and who is working as manager at Volkswagen, together with my wife - and who´s a friend of mine ^^

The Kyoko-picture itself is from 2014. I pimped it with the Wanderers-jacket in Affinity Photo.

Kommentare 4

  • Y-Phil -

    Awesome <3

    • Tora -

      Thank you very much you di know the movie from 1979?

    • Y-Phil -

      No. I've just read the synopsis.

    • Tora -

      To be honest, the movie sucks...