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  • KyokosFirstAnimatedMovie.mp4

    So here it is - the very first animated Movie, featuring Kyoko, the sexy cat-girl from outer space. It´s pretty large - 55MB - so careful, if you try to get it with a mobile device.

    There are some glitches - it took me a while to figure out, why they are there and I know, how to avoid them in the future. But getting rid of them would have meant to do large parts of the movie all over again - and it IS only a try-out, really. Also, when I animated Kyoko, I wasn´t aware, that the movie software - that I only got two days ago - would not allow me to set my own resolution (which is pretty stupid). So the width of the movie is much larger than the width of the actual animation. Next time, I will render the animation in the right size.

    I did this scene, because Kyoko was originally a hentai-character and was meant to behave extremely naughty. Only due to younger watchers and my interest in scientific and political topics made Kyoko become a smart and critical… [Weiterlesen]